Passwords make life more complicated

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

Life as we know it has become more complicated.  We now have pads, phones, PC’s that do all sorts of things that we want done or provide information to us with the swipe of a finger.  With that in mind, there are still some sacred aspects of life that do not change.  For example, usually in a marriage there are activities that one of the couple is more accomplished than the other.  In our case, I would never think of taking over the cooking.  We would either starve in the long run or the house would get burned down.  In our family as in others there is a separation of activities. True, I am the CEO, but The Blonde in the house runs things.

I do have my attributes, and The Blonde would never think of assuming control in the electronic and digital equipment we have.  As you know there are many things wondrous and wise that are needed in maintaining the PC, the iPad, iPhone etc.  Controlling these requires rigorous oversight and foresight.  Heck, there are so many passwords for the programs we use that we have a separate little password safe which is independent of the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or whatever. I am just not certain what we will do if we lose it. We do have some paper records, but everyone says that is a bad idea, especially if it is near the computer. They also warn you not to use the same password for different programs – which is the main reason we have so many passwords.

There is no question that some passwords are more sacrosanct than others. The other day, I was watching a program on Netflix on my computer. When it finished, I went to see if there were any e-mails. When I went there, Google would not let me enter unless I put in the password.  I thought that was kind of odd, but being of a good nature I complied.  Google not only told me that it was the wrong password, but that the password had been changed an hour ago. I thought horrible thoughts that perhaps we had been hacked.  I cussed (rather nicely of course) at the computer, but to no avail. I marched into the room and told The Blonde what was happening. 

She calmly stated that “Oh, I changed the password”.  I was astounded for a couple of reasons – one being that I didn’t know she knew how to change the password.  She apparently noticed the expression on my face, and stated “Oh my, shouldn’t I have done that”.  I patiently, I think, told her not without telling me what was occurring.  She noted that I was busy and she didn’t want to bother me.

I informed her to go ahead and bother me the next time.  Then, I had to go into two iPads, two iPhones and the PC.  Doing that was complicated by the fact that the iPhone had developed a new program and it wants to run all changes through its system.  Therefore, I had to get a special number from it before I could change the password on the other devices.  I also had to change the password in the safe.

I am now wondering if it would be safe and wise to change the password on the password safe (yes it has one) so that no one can get in but me.  Of course, there is always the problem that if I do that the baking of rhubarb pies might cease.  As I noted at the beginning, life is much more complicated today!

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