Oxford Crossings development dusted off after 12 years on back burner

A 12-year-old proposed Oxford mixed-use development apparently is moving closer to construction.

Oxford Crossings, which would include up to 1,000 homes and 150,000 square feet of commercial space, was reviewed Tuesday at a meeting of the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board and could be taken up soon by the city commission.

The 127-acre development would be on the east side of U.S. 301 north of the Peppertree Apartments, bounded by county roads 114 and 472, U.S. 301 and the CSX Railroad tracks. The property is owned by Joe Nisbett, who serves as vice chairman of the Sumter Landing Community Development District. 

At Tuesday’s meeting, Special Magistrate W. Grant Watson asked for more specific information on the number of multi-family and single-family homes. Multi-family homes may include townhouses.

A development plan for the project was filed last April and was reviewed by the planning and zoning board at that time, but was did not received final approval by the city commission.

First proposed in 2007, the city commission approved the Oxford Crossings Planned Development in April 2010. Project approval was extended in 2014 and expired two years later when no construction occurred.

Under the new ordinance, site development must begin within two years or the city can cancel the planned development agreement.

The project would be completed in four phases. The first phase would be commercial development along U.S. 301, followed by 300 multi-family and single-family housing units behind the businesses. The final two phases of 300 and 400 homes would be on the railroad side of the property.

Eight retention ponds are planned and the developer must provide a minimum of 20 percent open space, including the ponds. Four recreational amenities are required for the first 300 homes built and then one additional amenity for every 50 homes.

Residential areas can be gated and sidewalks are required along residential streets. The developer also will pay the city about $200,000 for the partial cost of installing turn lanes at U.S. 301 and CR 472 before construction of the third phase begins.

Permitted uses in the commercial area include retail stores, offices, restaurants and assisted living facilities. Heavy machinery and farm equipment sales or repair and lumber yards are not allowed.