POTUS priorities and VP peculiarities

To the Editor:

Trump is only concerned about his campaign promise to build a “beautiful wall”.  He had two years of Republican Senate and House control, but never once did he try to get funds for his wall via Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan.
And now, it’s all the fault of the Dem’s that he has no wall funds. He will  spread a few lies, and his base will fully understand that the Dems are to blame.  He rants and raves  about drug smuggling, and young people dying from using drugs.
But he could care less. He never rants and raves about guns killing our school students, and he could care less. (Just make gun slingers out of school faculty members.) He could care less about the federal work force not being paid during a gov shutdown. “Baby-sit, or have a yard sale.” His twisted mind is at peace, as long as controversy of his own pose is making “fake news” headlines.  (And he has dominated fake news headlines every day since being in office). Trump hardly ever sleeps, and the main fact that keeps him awake nights, is that he lost the popular vote by three million votes, and Hillary Clinton is fully to blame.  He never buttons the middle button of his suit jacket. He does not know how to sit erect in a chair. He has lost the respect of most leaders of foreign countries.  He has undone most Executive Orders Obama was responsible for. Nothing even started on modernizing cities infrastructure. Trump will throw anyone under the bus, with the exception of Ivanka. One of these days, he and Ivanka will ride his bus off into the sunset, heading southwest to the border, to sit and gaze at his “beautiful wall”.
Should POTUS get impeached, would VP Pence be any better? (Make that . . . would VP Pence be any less worse?) He calls Rush Limbaugh to thank him for positive remarks Rush made about the Border. If he were president, for all decisions he would have to make about serious issues, he would have to ask God to tell him what to do. . . . . Can’t wait for 2020 . . . . Should be exciting times . . . .

Hugo Buchanan
Lady Lake