AAC members reach consensus on $80,000 installation of pool chairlifts

The Amenity Authority Committee has reached a consensus on the proposed $80,000 installation of eight chairlifts at swimming pools.

The AAC met Wednesday afternoon in a budget workshop and discussed the proposed installation of the chairlifts at a cost of $10,000 each.

AAC members came to a consensus that the time to install the chairlifts, which will require about $500 each in annual maintenance, is now.

“I think we should do all eight of the pools right away,” said AAC member Don Deakin.

AAC member John Wilcox said the chairlifts need to be installed for the residents who need them, and he noted he may soon be one of them.

“I consider it a project we need to get complete. I think we need to do it now,” Wilcox said.

All three of the other members of the AAC indicated they were in favor of moving forward with the installation of the chairlifts.

The AAC oversees amenity money north of County Road 466. The Project Wide Advisory Committee is considering spending $340,000 to install chairlifts at pools south of County Road 466.