Does Dershowitz Support Trump?

Jack E. Brush

Many liberals are convinced that Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus, has abandoned the Democratic Party, that he has forsaken his liberal values and has taken up the banner of President Trump – the man, whom the Democrats now consider to be their mortal enemy.

Certainly this is the narrative being propagated by the mainstream media such as CNN, which now refuses to invite Dershowitz as a guest. If one considers the logic behind this liberal attitude towards Dershowitz, it turns out to be incredibly juvenile. It goes something like this: If a person says anything positive about the President or defends the position of the President in any way, that person must be a “Trump supporter.” This is the kind of reasoning that one expects from primary school children, but it is certainly not what we expect from adults who profess to be political analysts. So what is the correct answer to the question: Does Dershowitz support Trump?

The answer depends, of course, on the way in which the question is interpreted. As Dershowitz himself has stressed repeatedly, he does not support the Republican Party in general nor does he support the traditional polices of the Republicans including those of Donald Trump. In spite of his Democratic philosophy, however, Dershowitz does defend the rights of President Trump as President as well as the rights of Donald Trump the citizen. Apparently the liberals today no longer possess the intellectual power of discrimination necessary in order to make this simple distinction.

In my opinion, Alan Dershowitz is one of the few rational voices remaining in the Democratic Party, and it is sad that the liberals have treated him so shabbily. He has been shunned not only by the media such as CNN, MSNBC and the NYT, but also by former friends and colleagues. In the face of such abuse, Dershowitz continues to be a staunch defender of our Constitution and of our legal and political system. From the beginning, he has expressed his opposition to the unfounded calls of the Democrats to impeach President Trump, and he has criticized harshly the politicizing of the criminal justice system. Democrats such as Maxine Waters have been shouting for two years that there are overwhelming grounds for impeachment. To this claim, Dershowitz calmly responds: “Show me the statute and the evidence!” To date, there is no evidence weighty enough for impeachment, and Dershowitz is not willing to destroy our legal system simply because his fellow Democrats don’t like Trump.

Equally important for the future of our country is Dershowitz’ criticism of the media propaganda that has lost all sense of proportion and sound judgment. The brutal visual portrayals of Trump drowning in the Oval Office or of Trump beheaded, the unfounded claims that he is a racist (against all evidence to the contrary), the charges that he is responsible for the death of children at the border–all of this is typical propaganda, and Dershowitz knows quite well how propaganda works. If our so-called educated liberals in the media knew anything about history, they would see the inherent dangers in their actions. It was the Americans in the 1920s who developed the techniques of propaganda that were used by the Nazis in the 1930-40s against the Jews in Germany. To be specific, the New York political adviser Edward Bernays wrote the book on propaganda that Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, later used against the Jews from 1933-1945. Propaganda is a tool, or better, a weapon that can be used by any group against any other person or group. Today, the media is desensitizing the American public to an extreme form of propaganda that at some later date could be directed against any minority group. The liberals find it amusing when a Hollywood “comedienne” holds up a mock decapitated head of President Trump, but nobody knows who the target of such propaganda will be in 15-20 years from now. I think that Alan Dershowitz is deeply disturbed about the possible long-term consequences of such reckless propaganda, and every Democrat and every Republican should heed his words of admonition. It is imperative that we restore sanity and dignity to the political realm.

With regard to both the politicizing of the criminal justice system and the intensifying of propaganda, the liberal Democrats are opening a Pandora’s Box, and they will not be able to control the final outcome. I have gained great respect for Alan Dershowitz because of his defense of the foundations of our country. In answer to the question that I posed: No, I do not think that Dershowitz supports President Trump’s agenda. But that makes him no less a patriot in my view. Our democracy is based upon contrasting and opposing political views.    

Jack E. Brush is a resident of The Villages and frequent contributor to