Villages of Southern Oaks now reaching beyond the Florida Turnpike

With substantial home building completed or under way at the Village of Fenney, the Villages of Southern Oaks now is reaching beyond the Florida Turnpike.

A master plan for 924 acres between Warm Springs Avenue (County Road 468) and the Lake County line was recommended for approval Monday by Special Magistrate W. Grant Watson at a meeting of the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board. The city commission likely will take up the plan later this month.

The new community will be connected to other Southern Oaks neighborhoods by two tunnels or bridges across both Warm Springs Avenue and the turnpike.

A championship golf course will be the centerpiece of the community with homes on both sides.

A small commercial area is planned near the turnpike and Warm Springs Ave. and nearby a significant amount of land will be preserved for wetlands. Five areas have been designated for amenities such as pools and recreation centers.

Villages of Southern Oaks construction is now reaching beyond the Florida Turnpike.

Running along the turnpike, Meggison Road will be the community’s main roadway, as well as an extension of Morse Boulevard that splits from Warm Springs Avenue.

Last year, Wildwood added 5,664 acres to the massive Villages of Southern Oaks, nearly doubling the number of permitted homes to 49,339. The number of permitted homes often is higher than the number actually built.

Condominiums and apartments also are allowed in Southern Oaks.

The development may include up to 11.2 million square feet of non-residential uses such as commercial and up to 1.4 million square feet of government or office space.

If all permitted homes are built, Southern Oaks also would nearly double the size of The Villages, which currently has about 60,000 homes excluding the Village of Fenney.