Supervisors balk at $340,000 pricetag for aquatic lifts at pools in The Villages

Community Development District 7 supervisors are rejecting the notion of spending $340,000 for chairlifts at swimming pools.

The Project Wide Advisory Committee, which includes representation from CDDs 5 through 11, is looking at spending $10,000 per chairlift and adding them at 34 pools located south of County Road 466.

The topic is on PWAC’s agenda for a meeting set for 8:30 a.m. Monday at the District Office at Lake Sumter Landing.

CDD 7’s PWAC representative Jerry Vicenti, at a CDD 7 meeting Thursday morning, sought direction from his fellow supervisors.

“$340,000 is a hell of a lot of money. Especially when you add another $15,000 a year for maintenance,” Vicenti said.

There are four pools within CDD 7, and a chairlift was recently added at the Hemingway pool after a request from a resident.

However, CDD 7 supervisors expressed concerns about the expense of installing chairlifts at pools where no such request has been received. District officials have previously indicated that usage of the existing chairlifts is very limited.

“We are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act,” said CDD 7 Supervisor Mark Gallo, who noted he has a close family member who is handicapped.

He agreed with Vicenti that the money might be spent at pools where no such need exists.

“Let’s be a steward of their money,” Gallo said of residents of CDD 7.

Another supervisor noted that CDD 7 has a single vote on PWAC and it will be up to that board to determine if spending $340,000 makes sense.

“If it passes 6-1, we are still going to get chairlifts, whether we want them or not,” said CDD 7 Chairman Ron McMahon.

Earlier this week, the Amenity Authority Committee agreed to spend $80,000 to install chairlifts at eight pools north of County Road 466.