Community Improvement Council helps resident resolve issue about flowers at gate

Residents may not pay attention to the Community Improvement Council suggestion forms available at postal stations throughout The Villages, but a resident who did brought about change where she lives.

Robin Sheldon moved to the Village of Osceola Hills about a year ago. She noticed there were no flowers at her gate. Instead, the Developer put in drought-tolerant landscaping  that did not require as much watering.

The entrance at the Village of Osceola Hills at Deskin Lane, before the flowers were put in.

Sheldon wanted flowers at the entrance to her village and filled out a CIC form at the postal station and set the wheels in motion.

Enter CIC member Susan Garbarino, who began to work Sheldon’s request for flowers through the process.

“Sometimes these things can take time,” Garbarino said.

Community Improvement Council members David Carey and Susan Garbarino with resident Robin Sheldon, from left.

However, the all-volunteer CIC takes residents’ requests seriously and in this case, was ready to see it all the way through the necessary steps.

This past December, the Project Wide Advisory Committee voted to spend $12,000 to upgrade the irrigation at the Osceola Hills gate and put in the first flowers. The ongoing cost of flowers and maintenance will be $4,500 to $4,800 per year. The flowers will be changed out four times a year. At the meeting, District Manager Richard Baier pointed out that the Osceola Hills gate at Morse Boulevard and Deskin Lane is the first entrance off State Road 44.

When she drives through the gate, Sheldon takes pride in seeing the flowers.

“You really can get something done,” she said.

The CIC was organized in 1985 to serve the community as a liaison between the residents, the Community Development Districts and the Developer. The CIC members provide a voice for the ideas and suggestions that are provided by residents of The Villages.

The CIC is always looking for new members. Applications are available online at under the “Contact Us” menu and can be completed online. If you have any questions or would like more information, email David Carey, president at

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