Just get up every day, and don’t let the old man in

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

I receive a video every so often that involves Clint Eastwood. In it he comments that he is 88, and is asked what he is going to do. He replies that he is going to be making a movie.  He is then asked by Toby Keith as to how he handles that. He indicates that “I just get up every day, and don’t let the old man in.” The Blonde in the house thinks that is great philosophy – and so do I. I imagine that some of the old philosophers like Kant or Spinoza wish they had thought of that.  If they had, their thoughts would definitely be more simple and understandable than some of the stuff they expounded.

Toby Keith wrote a song about that bit of philosophy. I can’t write songs, or even sing them. However, both The Blonde and I determined that practicing that philosophy would not be a bad thing at all.  In fact not just at the anniversary of our births, but in between as well. We have adopted the above as sort of a mantra. I have seen a number of mantras that were purportedly high class ones that people should repeat. However, I do not think there is any that is better, especially at our age.  Most people do not even think about not letting the old man in until they reach a certain age. Many do not think about it even then, so our recommendation is to be ready for it and then keep it jingling in your head.

Becoming depressed about your age is of no value either.  It is much better to think young and be happy!  Gentlemen should be aware that does not include winking at the young ladies. That can get you clobbered either by your spouse or the young lady.  That can cause a pause in your keeping the old man out and he might sneak in. This applies to woman as well as they obviously need to keep the old woman out.  My personal recommendation in that regard is to make your husband or significant other lots of rhubarb pies.  The latest polls indicate that making rhubarb pies keep the fair sex fair and the old woman far away.

The latter also has the effect of keeping the old man out among neighbors.

Neighbors try to find out when The Blonde is making her great rhubarb pies. Then they can wander over with innocent expressions on their faces so that can perhaps mooch a piece. This keeps the neighbors and me in top notch shape as we maneuver our positions.  Mine, naturally, is to eat the pies before they get here.  Theirs is to figure a way into our house before they are eaten.  We have one neighbor who is particularly good at it.  In the almost nineteen years that we have known him, he has managed to acquire two, perhaps three pieces.  It has definitely helped him follow Eastwood’s philosophy.  He asserts that the old guy will never get in until he has mooched at least two more pieces.

Making light of various aspects of life is one of the ways that I keep “The old man out.”Another thought comes from that old Greek guy, Aristotle, who noted that. “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” He said that in Greek too which I certainly can’t do, but it is also a good philosophy to follow to keep the old guy or woman out!

Barry Evans writes about Life in The Villages for Villages-News.com