Impeach him! Impeach him!

To the Editor:

This is in response to Jack Brush’s recent “St. Jack’s Letter to The Villagers” (Biblical citation upon request) in which he excoriates a small minority of Democratic law-makers who would foster the immediate call for the impeachment of Donald Trump.
As Nancy Pelosi said, now is neither the time or place for the institution of such proceedings as The Donald is not yet worth the effort. But I also suspect that both the soon-to-be released Mueller Report together with the on-going investigation by the Southern District of New York will produce the grist for the impeachment mill which will make the effort most worthwhile. I would also suggest that we have an example par excellence from a generation ago. It was known as “Watergate” and was the subject of the Watergate debacle that was disclosed and described by the Washington Post as reported by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein with an Oscar winning film (“All the President’s Men”) in which Dustin Hoffman played Bernstein and Robert Redford portrayed Woodward. The end result of their exhaustive investigative reporting while exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom of press, and despite all of the roadblocks and illegal interference with the exercise of those freedoms by the Nixon administration, was a raft of criminal prod-proceedings against high level Nixon adherents including jail terms for two former U.S Attorneys General either through criminal trials and/or guilty pleas.
And that “net” expanded to indictments against highly-placed administrative elites of the FBI, the CIA, the Committee to Re-elect the President, and all and sundry of our nation’s national security agencies, all done because of the persistence of Woodward/Bernstein and The Washington Post. I would also suggest to “St. Jack” that Mr. Nixon had the good sense to fall on his own sword in an effort to avoid the shame of being impeached before his high crimes and misdemeanors resulted in his removal from office. I would also that the lack of common sense on the part of The Donald and yes, his egomaniacal need to win at all costs, will prevent him from ever exiting “stage left” with some modicum of grace and decorum. Donald does not know the meaning of “common sense”, “decorum” or “grace”. Rather, he will go down kicking and screaming (as will many of his followers who continue to drink his Kool-Aid) to the detriment of the United States. But, if it is some solace, I fully expect that this disastrous  “Trump” chapter of our nation’s history will come to an end.

Daniel Andrews
Village of Winifred