Residents paying the price for unbridled growth in The Villages

To the Editor:

A recent report in USA TODAY ranked The Villages as one of the nation’s communities in which crime is rising the fastest. The Villages came in at No. 9 in the USA Today report, citing a 35.7 percent rise in crime over the past five years in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.
This is the trend in every area where developers get greedy and overbuild. I lived in Fort Lauderdale  from 1970 to 1980 as that area started its boom, 30 years later they are all moving to central Florida. If you notice there are more new homes being sold to Floridians than from any other state!
While The Developer and family including the Daily Sun promote the great growth they fail to address such things as
1. Over crowding in the ER room and long waits for hospital beds
2. No oversight on the large amount of under 55 coming here with no sense of neighborhood -including unsupervised children returning to the nest.
3. People allowed to own more than one home – as investments
4. People allowed to use The Villages as their personal vacation area resulting in lack of true neighborhood lifestyle – never knowing your neighbors as they change annually
5. Tremendous traffic jams and growing more even out of “season.”
6. Long waits at restaurants and doctors officies
7. More growth in new banks/financial institutions than eating places.
The Harold Schwartz lifestyle vision is in jeopardy as the growth continues south and east – doubling The Villages by 2025.
They promote golf cart mobility from Highway 42 the Highway 468. It’s a marketing scam. It would take two hours or more to drive by golf cart. People wont realize the true limitations till they become owners.

Peter Capo
Village of Poinciana

P.S. In case you haven’t driven west on 466A — take a look across from Pinellas Plaza — more uncontrolled growth by CITY OF WILDWOOD