‘The Upside’ proves it’s hard to make tragedy funny

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

Dell (Kevin Hart) is a black parolee looking for employment to support the terms of his probation.

He is hired, much to his disappointment, by a quadriplegic millionaire Phillip (Bryan Cranston) since he is strong enough to pick him up out of his wheelchair.

Nicole Kidman plays Phillip’s overall caretaker and secretary.   

While the circumstances are difficult to believe, the plot moves along detailing the travails of being immobile while trying to fit into a life above immobilization.

Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart and Nicole Kidman star in “The Upside.”

The script is salted with humor, but the situation overall is a tragedy.

Dramatic-comedies are difficult to pull off and this one is not an exception. Kidman’s role is a character step down for her.

I say take a pass on this D level film now showing at the Old Mill Playhouse in The Villages. 

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