Missing Shih-poo plucked from sewer pipe after tip from pizza delivery driver

A small dog is alive and well thanks to the keen ears of a pizza delivery driver and the quick actions of a highly dedicated Lake County Animal Services officer.

Lake County Animal Enforcement Supervisor Alyssa Bates went into a sewer pipe in Grand Island Reserve recently and emerged with a small dog that had been reported missing in the neighborhood.

The driver was dropping off a pizza in the Grand Island Reserve neighborhood in Lake County this week and heard a faint bark coming from a storm drain. A call for help brought out Animal Enforcement Supervisor Alyssa Bates, who quickly removed a manhole cover and entered the sewer pipe. A short time later she emerged with a lovable Shih-poo that had been reported missing from a nearby residence.

The dog was rescued from the dark storm pipes and promptly returned to its owners.