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Villagers for Trump parade through town squares touting freedom over socialism

A large contingent of horn-honking, flag-waving members of Villagers for Trump took to the streets late Monday afternoon in a show of unity with a golf cart parade touting freedom over socialism.

Villagers were showing their support for President Trump in a variety of ways during Monday’s golf cart parade.

“Today is the 10th anniversary of Tea Party Tax Day rallies,” said Donna Hoak, Co-Chair of the group’s Action Committee. “So we’re joining with Tea Party Patriots to celebrate the 10th anniversary.”

Hoak said there were 400 rallies across the country Monday touting the theme of “Stop Socialism, Choose Freedom.”

“We’re here to rally for freedom and to let our fellow citizens know that history says that socialism is a dangerous idea,” said Hoak, of the Village of Liberty Park. “Every place that it’s been implemented, it has failed.”

Sue Cianci, who also serves as co-chair of the Action Committee, said she was thrilled to be surrounded by so many Trump supporters who love taking part in the golf cart rallies.

Villagers Kimberly Foreman and Michele Connors and their dogs, Lucy and Willow.

“They come and we help them decorate their carts and they get all excited,” the Village of Charlotte resident said. “We have the best time. And they have signs saying, ‘Choose freedom, not socialism.’”

Two of the many excited residents taking part in Monday’s parade were Woody and Sharon Ussery, of the Village of Lynnhaven. They were decked out in red, white and blue – including pants that looked like American flags.

Villagers Faith Mackey and Ron Harrison
Kadie Lombardo; her mother, Marion Sperazza, of the Village of Caroline; and Magic

“He’s going to save our country,” Woody said of Trump, adding that he’s a huge fan of the president. “It would have been in the dump if it hadn’t been for him. Now I wish they’d just let him do his job.”

“He’s going to drain the swamp,” Sharon said, adding “Victory in 2020!”

Meanwhile, during the parade, clumps of Trump supporters were gathered throughout Lake Sumter Landing, many waving signs and flags as the golf carts roared past them. One man wearing a “Biden 2020” T-shirt found himself being booed as he walked through the pro-Trump crowd carrying a sign that read, “Trump Needs Exorcism Now.” And a short time later he found himself being asked to move along by a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy after he positioned himself in the middle of Canal Street near the intersection of Old Mill Run.

A large contingent of golf carts gathered at Barnes and Noble in Lake Sumter Landing on Monday for a Villagers for Trump golf cart parade.

Of course, that didn’t stop the plethora of golf cart drivers from circling Market Square and then heading to Spanish Springs Town Square to show their support for Trump and his re-election campaign.

Monday’s rally also proved to be special, thanks to some visitors who were participating in their first golf cart parade. An international film crew was covering the event, as it’s scheduled to be included in a European television series on U.S. retirement communities. And the Trump Unity Bridge arrived for a visit shortly after the golf cart parade started.

The Trump Unity Bridge made an appearance at the Barnes and Noble parking lot after the Villagers for Trump golf cart parade got under way Monday afternoon. The event was being documented by an international film crew and is scheduled to be included in a European television series on U.S. retirement communities.

That iconic structure, which is 50 feet long and weighs 5,000 pounds, took three months to erect. Owner Robert Cortis toured the 48 contiguous states with the bridge in 2016 and gave out more than 100,000 bumper stickers. And this year alone, he has made 140 stops across the country.

Villagers for Trump Founder David Gee, who drove in the parade with his wife, Lynette, said he was thrilled to see so many enthusiastic participants at Monday’s gathering.

Villagers for Trump Action Committee Co-Chairs Sue Cianci and Donna Hoak kick off Monday’s golf cart parade. Villagers Woody and Sharon Ussery showed off their patriotic spirit. Villagers for Trump member Susan Kelly offered her support at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square. And a protester was escorted from blocking Canal Street during Monday’s event.

“We want to let people know where we stand,” he said. “We absolutely believe that we should not be a socialist nation.”

Villagers for Trump, which was formed by Founder David Gee a little over a year ago and already boasts more than 1,000 members, has held several successful golf cart rallies. Those include:

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