Homeowner in The Villages wins permission to stray from color palette for upcoming re-painting

A homeowner in The Villages has won permission to stray from the approved color palette for an upcoming re-painting at his residence.

Kenneth Holland Jr., who lives at 1156 Mockingbird Lane in the Village of Fernandina, made his case Wednesday morning before the Architectural Review Committee.

The home of Kenneth and Linda Holland in the Village of Fernandina.
The proposed colors to be used when the Hollands’ home is repainted.

He and his wife want to paint their Designer home Birdseye Maple with a Spicy Hue trim. However, those colors are not on the approved color palette for Community Development District 9.

Holland presented photographs of nearby homes to show that the colors he has chosen would be harmonious with the neighborhood. He also offered samples of the colors he has selected.

Holland’s application indicated that Oscar’s Painting will be doing the work.

The ARC approved the application, with member Shirley Manthorne the lone dissenter.

Community development districts in The Villages in 2013 went through the arduous process of establishing color palettes in an effort to reduce the workload of the ARC and prevent overly energetic colors from being used.