Homeowners in The Villages make pleas to remove problematic trees

Two homeowners pleaded for permission to get rid of problematic oak trees at their homes in the Village of Mallory Square.

They won permission Wednesday morning after previously being denied by the Architectural Review Committee.

“I have a Designer home on a postage-stamp sized lot,” Sandra Kizer said, describing her situation at 404 Simpson St.

She said a 10-inch caliper oak tree has become a burden for her and her husband, who purchased their home in 2015.

This tree will be removed from the home of Bill and Sandra Kizer in the Village of Mallory Square.

“I can’t do yard work anymore. The tree is just a pain,” Kizer said.

She said the oak tree had been planted by a previous owner of the home, not the Developer.

An arborist’s report was not favorable to Kizer’s desire to get rid of the tree.

“This is a healthy, young Live Oak. The tree has been heavily shaped in the past, but is now starting to grow out of it. The structure of the tree is good. I would suggest that the tree be pruned by an arborist to clean it up and get it growing properly. There is nothing really wrong with this tree,” certified arborist David Van Vleet Jr. wrote in his report.

Kizer and her neighbor, William Welker, of 416 Simpson St., were represented by Hall’s Complete Landscape.

A tree at the Welkers’ home at 416 Simpson St.

The landscaper said both trees had become financial burdens for the homeowners. He said Welker is spending $500 per year to keep the tree trimmed and to keep it from growing over a street light.

However, the arborist pointed out the referenced street light is 11 feet away.

“The tree really needs to be let to grow naturally,” Van Vleet wrote in an assessment of Welker’s tree.

The landscaper promised that trees which would require less maintenance would be planted after the problematic trees are removed.

Despite the arborist’s findings, the ARC voted to allow for the removal of both trees on Simpson Street.