New Wildwood police chief calls for uniformity of police officers’ uniforms

Chief Randy Parmer

Wildwood’s new police chief is calling for uniformity of police officers’ uniforms.

“As the new chief of police, I was tasked with recreating the image and appearance of the department. The necessity of the change was clearly evident due to the fact that officers had previously been allowed to choose their own attire,” said Chief Randy Parmer.

After taking the oath on March 11, the new chief soon noticed that his officers were wearing a mix of clothing.

“The lack of uniformity has resulted in a decline in the professionalism and command appearance that is vitally important in law enforcement,” Parmer said.

He formed a committee of officers and supervisors who looked at the situation.

“After a few brief meetings, a decision was made to utilize the traditional dark navy blue trousers and shirts as the basis for the uniforms. A new design for the patches was selected and will replace the current ones,” he said.

A new patch is being created and there will be pockets sewn inside the uniform shirts that will securely house body cameras.

In addition, body armor will be worn under the shirts instead of being inserted into a tactical vest and worn on the outside of the uniform.