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Villages golfing buddies celebrate rare feat of back-to-back holes-in-one

Two golfing buddies from The Villages shared a special moment together recently.

Villagers Lee Aiello and Bob Hill scored back-to-back holes-in-one on the Heron Executive Golf Course during their Friday League that has been playing together for 16 years.

Lee Aiello, of the Village of Winifred, and Bob Hill, of the Village of Rio Ranchero, scored back-to-back holes-in-one in their Friday golf league. The Villagers have been playing in the Friday league for 16 years and it was the first time two holes-in-one have been scored in the same round.

Both holes-in-one were scored on the Heron Executive Golf Course. Aiello accomplished the feat – his first-ever hole-in-one – on the fifth hole. Hill, 92, scored his on the sixth hole. He scored his first hole-in-one earlier this year.

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