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KC Productions bringing ‘1776’ to life in Savannah Center performances

KC productions, known for bringing high-quality Broadway musicals to Villages audiences, is excited to present the musical “1776” in June at the Savannah Center.

Top photo: Bill Davis performs as Founding Father John Adams. Bottom photo: Davis speaks with Barry Corlew, who plays the role of Ben Franklin.

“This show is a great blend of historical context, comedy and drama,” said show director Tim Casey. “I saw that show in Philadelphia in the summer of 1976 and it has always remained a favorite. This year is the 50th anniversary of ‘1776.’”

The show highlights bringing two sides together during the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

“Bringing two sides together has been going on since our country was founded,” Casey said.

Barry Corlew will play Ben Franklin, while Bob Brandoni will portray Thomas Jefferson. In all, 26 men are needed to do the show.

“Let’s just say every talented, able-bodied actor in the Villages is in this show,” joked Casey. Sue Schuler will be playing Abigail Adams.

From left: Director Tim Casey portrays Edward Rutledge, the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence. Bob Stehman plays the role of Founding Father John Dickinson. And Sue Schuler is Abigail Adams.

Pops Chorus director Bill Davis will be playing the role of John Adams. Dan Pona will be John Hancock and well-known vocalist Tony Brown will be playing the role of the Courier.

“We are really excited to be performing at the Savannah Center,” said Casey. “The new sound system is a major improvement in the sound quality.”

Bob Stehman, as John Dickinson, battles Bill Davis, as John Adams, during a rehearsal for ‘1776.’

“We’ve got a really interesting set and great highlighting to go along with the period costumes,” Casey added.

The show will be presented twice – the night of Tuesday, June 18 and the afternoon of Wednesday, June 19. Tickets can be purchased at the Villages Box Office.

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