The Harmeswood Open trophy

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

Way back in May of 2017, the first Harmeswood Open was held. This is a tremendous golf challenge that requires great discipline among the foursomes who are involved.  What was amazing about this particular Open was that I was on the winning team.  We crushed the second place team by one whole stroke.

Part and parcel of the open was one of the most amazing first place trophies that anyone has ever seen.  They (there were four of them – one for each member of the team) were crafted most meticulously by a Harmeswood resident.  When I came home I immediately placed it in a prominent place where all who entered could gaze in admiration.  It was after all the first and only golf trophy I had won.

Then a strange thing occurred. The Blonde in the house thought that perhaps a different location might be better.  The official reason being that the many colors of the trophy (and there were many) did not really fit in with the rest of the living room décor.  I checked with my friend who said the Blonde in his house was making the same noise, and he had to rescue it from the garage.  I did a further check with the other two members of the foursome who were ladies. They indicated that they had theirs prominently displayed and their spouses had no problem with them.

I thought that the latter was a little strange, but then people are different. What happened next was that in May 2018 the Harmeswood Open could not be held as there were no proper dates and times available.  That meant that we got to keep our trophies for another year much to the antipathy of the two blondes.  However, by now mine had been regulated to the computer room which while not highly visible was very accessible for me to show visitors.  The last I heard my friend was not certain where his was.  Then a brightness shown for a couple of spouses as dates were established for a 2019 Harmeswood Open. Thus, just last week all the foursomes faced off at a tough course.

All the trophies were collected (even the “missing one” magically was found), and placed in the meeting room for all to gape at and admire.  It was a tough go with such admirable players involved.  Regrettably, this time the team I was on was beaten by one measly stroke. Alas, that meant that my computer room for the first time in two years now has a gaping space where the trophy so lovingly sat.  The other sad news was that my former partner was on the winning team again and thus is able to have this amazing trophy in his house for another year – assuming that he can find it in the place where his blonde has determined is the most suitable site.

Now the winning foursome for 2019 had another husband involved. What is particularly notable about this is that it is a foregone conclusion that he will not have any problem with an appropriate placing of his trophy.  The concrete reason being that his spouse (who has dark hair – not that that is relevant) was also on the winning team.  Thus, they have two of the magnificent trophies which they can locate on each end of their house for a balancing décor look.  Some people are just lucky! Unfortunately, the fourth member of the winning team this year is of the male persuasion and lives in house with many rooms.  After a couple of days, the poor guy may never find it.

However, it should not go without notice that May 2020 is not that far away!  I will be keeping the space in my computer room free of dust for the return of said trophy!  Positive thoughts are good for the soul.

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