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The dirty little secret about climate change

John Shewchuk

Oh my, oh my. So many continue to swoon over those scary-by-design, government-paid-for climate reports.  The sky is falling. Again? Boring at best, corruption at its worst. What the alarmists don’t tell you is that they’re pulling volumes of those reports from the public domain — such as those dishonest sea level maps predicting millions of flood refugees — which never happened. Where’s the outrage over the millions of our tax dollars wasted? And how about all those costly climate prediction models?  None.  Absolutely none of them can replicate past climates, nor have they successfully predicted actual climate trends.  They all failed, yet many blindly accept them. They blindly accept multi-year climate forecasts, yet routinely joke about tomorrow’s weather forecast. Oy!

It’s absolutely amazing to me how so many willingly quote economists and journalists about climate change.  I’m sure they are all great people, but good grief, who the heck would seek their advice prior to brain surgery?  Ambulance chaser journalism is especially guilty of quickly spreading fake news before being validated.  Worse yet are so called weather experts with a political agenda. Never, ever forget what Dr. Steven Schneider (former professor of climatology at Stanford) said about global warming, “We need broad-based support to capture the public’s imagination, we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.” 

Honestly?  The climate alarmists actually contemplate being honest?  Corrupt is a better word.  Dennis knows.  As the unofficial Villages’ Doctor of Weatherology, here’s the dirty little secret about climate change. The climate changes all the time.  Honestly. It is a scientific fact.  The “man-made” part of climate change, however, is “minuscule” at best.  Today’s climate hoax is no different than the “ozone hole” scare perpetrated years ago. That too was a hoax. Most of us fell for it and blindly believed the mainstream media.  Have you noticed that no one publicly discusses it anymore? Do you have any idea what is happening up in the stratosphere now?  Well surprise, surprise … that nasty old “hole” is growing again. 

Even though the hole again grows, the ozone alarmists no longer shout “the end is near” because they’ve already achieved their fraudulent goal, and they dare not publicly admit what they knew and when they knew it.  The ironic part is … just like CO2’s contribution to global warming is minuscule, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) contribution to ozone depletion is also miniscule.  Here’s the ozone hole hoax…

1. The ozone hole was never a hole, but only a temporary thinning of the ozone layer over the polar regions.  This “hole” is always biggest during the North and South winter months. 

2. So why is the “hole” greatest during polar winter months?  Stratospheric ozone is created when UV radiation (sunlight) hits Oxygen molecules, which then combine with other oxygen to form ozone.  Therefore, none is created at the poles during the polar winters.  No sunshine — no ozone generation.  Therefore, during each polar winter seasons, the “holes” reappear at both the North and South poles.

3. But if ozone is created during the sunny months, then what happens to the existing ozone during the polar winters?  And here’s what you’ve not been told.  Ozone is a naturally unstable compound.  Stratospheric ozone has an average half-life of about 2-3 months.  In the warmer ozone layers, it’s half-life is only a few days!  This means, after each polar winter, about 50 percent of the ozone disintegrates.  Surprise!  Ozone holes are naturally re-occurring events — just like our four seasons. 

But there’s more.  The hoaxers created the ozone scare by hijacking CFC as the criminal agent, just as they are now fraudulently hijacking carbon dioxide (CO2) for global warming.  But back in the mid 1980s, the ozone hole was larger than those seen in recent history — and they inconveniently blamed CFCs.  Here are the four ozone hole hoax sins …

1. The ozone alarmists only looked at recent history when analyzing past ozone holes.  They cherry-picked the data — just like they now do with CO2 studies.  They purposely choose to ignore evidence of ozone holes farther back in history.  Those older holes were even bigger than the 1980s holes.  Shame on them.

2. CFCs are 5 to 7 times heavier than air.  Put some in a balloon, let go, and see what happens.  With sufficient winds, some CFCs gases may make it to higher altitudes — until they sink again.  Only a small fraction of CFCs ever reaches the stratosphere.       

3. CFCs do not destroy ozone.  Chlorine does.  Stratospheric UV radiation has to first break apart CFC molecules to release the chlorine.  The problem is, mother nature produces far more naturally occurring chlorine than man does.  There are more than 1,000 natural sources of chlorine, many from the oceans, plants, and insects.  Even solar storms aid ozone destruction.  Our CFC-based contribution is miniscule.      

4. The biggest ozone eaters are volcanoes.  This wasn’t well known back then, but now it’s a hot research topic.  Studies from MIT, Harvard, the USGS, France, Russia, Australia, and other science centers are now raising warning flags.  Volcanoes destroy ozone!  Especially significant, is the fact that during the CFC scare, the earth was experiencing higher than average volcanic eruptions.  What’s even more astonishing, is that a single large volcanic eruption can put more ozone eating chemicals into the stratosphere than we can generate in many years of CFC production. How dare mother nature mess with the ozone layer without U.N. approval. 

Not only does mother nature continually destroy ozone, but she can easily annihilate most of our ozone at any time.  It has already happened.  Massive and prolonged Siberian super-volcanic eruptions lasting many years nearly destroyed the entire ozone layer 250 million years ago, long before the dinosaur extinction.  It resulted in a far greater extinction, called the Great Dying, where 90% of all life vanished.  Sorry, there were no man-made CFCs back then.

The ironic part is, you will find current articles which say that, “The ozone layer is on the mend.”  Baloney.  They’re just continuing the ozone hole fraud so they can claim victory, and most importantly, avoid admitting their hoax.  First of all, these articles come out each year during the polar summer seasons after sunlight has had sufficient time to create more ozone.  Second, the “mending” part is a fairly tale, because the annual cycle of ozone creation by sunlight, and the ozone disintegration due to its unstable half-life, will continue its annual cycle as long as our atmosphere contains oxygen.  So get used to it.

Due to the 1987 Montreal Protocol which legitimized the ozone hoax, the world stopped CFC production in 1996.  It’s now 23 years later; and guess what?  The ozone hole continues to come and go, just like it has for millions of years.

So let’s review fake science milestones, because we should all heed what Winston Churchill so wisely said, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

Hoax #1.  The ozone hole scare.

Hoax #2.  The global warming scare.

Hoax #3.  To be announced.  I already know what #3 will be.  I know how the climate alarmists think and scheme.  Start with a little science, add lots of debauchery, and you’ve got another climate hoax.  Stay tuned for the unveiling of Hoax #3.

John Shewchuk is a Villager and a regular contributor to Villages-News.com.

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