Friends who moved to Phoenix return to The Villages

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

One of the “facts” about living in The Villages is the truism that folks who move here ultimately end up living in three different houses. I will admit that is true of us. However, we have some friends who quite possibly may have set a Villages record.  That is, they are getting ready to move into their third house, but in the same Village. They were living in their second house in this Village when they determined for personal reasons to move to Phoenix. However, after seven short months, they decided they did not want to live in Phoenix so they have come back and purchased a nice house in the selfsame Village. All of us are happy that they are back as they are very nice people. The one problem may be that there are 66 homes in this Village, and none of us have had the heart to tell them that they may not have enough time to buy the other 63 especially one at a time.  It would keep the movers busy though.

There are other people who are ecstatic as well. There is a luxury car dealer who is among those who are well pleased.  When our friends went to Phoenix, the flag at the dealership was at half-mast for a good month. When said dealership found out they were returning all heck broke loose.  Matters were worked on and when our friends flew into Orlando, the dealer was there to meet them with a brand new sedan that our friends had decided to purchase – the SUV back in Phoenix had gotten kind of scruffy. There is another dealer who may not be aware that they have moved back.  In this case it is a golf cart dealer.  The representative who was responsible for handling our friends many cart transactions went into therapeutic shock when she learned of the Phoenix move.  Apparently, she has made some recovery and undoubtedly this news will bring her back all the way.

It is good and well to have friends return.  I imagine that everyone has some neighbors who have left that would be most welcomed if they returned.  I suppose that there might also be some that you would prefer to stay wherever they moved, but we are not concerned about them.  We are dealing with friends here. You may recall that the well-known Lulu von Bart once noted that “friends are better than enemies!” Lulu also had a practical side as she went on to note that enemies had a trust factor equal to friends. That is, you could trust friends to be nice and helpful, while you could equally trust enemies to be un-nice and unhelpful.  However, as I have indicated we are only interested in friends here and will not bother ourselves with what others may do.  That can get confusing or depressing and we do not want to be either – at least I don’t. 

In short it may be noted that we all are happy to have our friends return.  I might mention here another of the learned Lulu von Bart’s comments – “A pat on the head (or back) does wonders for all involved in a matter.” The Blonde in the house and I are most pleased to add our pats as we know our Village will be better for their presence.

Welcome back, J. & L.!

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