Finding value in Community Watch

To the Editor:

The criticisms concerning Community Watch has been ongoing discussion for years. Bob Bassett’s criticism actually contains three different topics:
a) budget concerns
b) proper utilization of staff and
c) need or value.
Mr. Bassett’s concern with an out of control budget may be a valid one. However, I would submit that this criticism should be directed at demanding accountability for all budgets, submitted  separately by Districts, CDD budgets, AAC, etc.
Secondly, proper utilization of this department in addition to their present duties, such as patrolling streets and manning gates, may include the possibility of a program designed to augment the needed reporting and documentation for deed compliance review.
It may include county/state authority allowing them to issue parking tickets, etc.  The third issue is their need and /or value.  I am in the camp of those who have found Community Watch to be of value.  They are my first “go to” department for issues such as power outages, traffic obstruction that create safety concerns and the like.  As we find with so many other issues the service is not missed until it no longer exists.  If Community Watch has not done so it may want to quantify and qualify its’ Department activity and results.

Dennis Petrucelli
Village of Bonnybrook