Save money on gates and Recreation News

To the Editor:

Time marches on and things change. Those are two inevitable statements that have proven true in The Villages.
Long-time residents express sorrow when The Villages changes or updates amenities that worked 20 years ago but not now, while other residents support changes and updates to worn out venues and ideas. reported on two antiquated items The Villages AAC continues to hang onto: Gates and the idea we are a gated community, and The Recreation News continuing to be printed on paper.
We spend nearly $1 million annually supporting these two items in their current presentation. How much could we save if gates were removed but cameras left in place to monitor traffic and record license numbers? How much could we save if Recreation News would be put into an electronic version with touch screens at rec centers, and email copies sent to residents?
It’s time for the AAC to get with the electronic age and eliminate antiquated ways that were successful 20 years ago, but are not longer viable.

Steve Eikenberry
Village of Rio Grande