Villager takes top honors at Senior Shoot Out at Fiesta Bowl

Villager Steve Ferrao took top honors at the midsummer Senior Shoot Out at Fiesta Bowl.

Seventy-three bowlers started the day, with 17 of them being super seniors, of which 11 made the natural cut of 614.

Thirty-seven bowlers moved on to the second round, with Ferraro and Rich Garner, of Hudson, tying with 199 each to advance to the four bowler final round. Both bowlers made the most of the opportunity by finishing 1-2 respectfully.

Ferraro left a solid five in the first frame, converted the spare and proceeded to strike out for a super 290 game to take the title. Garner had a four bagger and struck out the 10th in a clean game of 236 for second place.

Tim Lawrence, of Inverness, had seven strikes but two splits, which held his game at 232 for third place. John Nieckarz, of The Villages, had five strikes of his own, but two splits and an open put him in fourth place with a game of 180.