PWAC wants joint meeting with AAC to review policy on Guest IDs

The Project Wide Advisory Committee wants to set up a joint meeting with the Amenity Authority Committee to review the policy on Guest IDs.

PWAC, which oversees amenities south of County Road 466, heard Monday morning from Catherine Laird, of the Village of Duval, who complained about what she sees as excessive use of amenities by local residents who do not pay amenity fees.

She was referring to the in-area passes that are granted for a year at a time to Villagers’ children and grandchildren living in Sumter, Lake and Marion counties. They are not necessarily “children,” many are adults who have chosen to move to the area to be closer to their parents who are residents of The Villages.

Residents took to the podium to complain about what they see as lax enforcement of the checking of IDs – particularly at the pools.

Laird, who also aired her concerns last week before the Community Development District 7 Board of Supervisors, has suggested that the in-area residents be charged for their use of amenities.   

“They are using our amenities. They are not paying. And a year is excessive,” said PWAC member Jerry Vicenti.

PWAC Chairman Peter Moeller suggested the Guest ID policy be reviewed with the Amenity Authority Committee, which oversees amenities north of County Road 466.

He said he did not want to be “out of alignment” with the AAC.

The current policy on Guest IDs was determined about a decade ago by a resident task force.