ARC denies Villager’s request to remove problematic oak tree from his yard

The Architectural Review Committee has denied a Villager’s request to remove a problematic live oak tree from his yard.

The ARC on Wednesday denied the request from Donald Bansemer, who lives at 2255 Placid Terrace in the Village of Hadley.

He planted the oak tree when he bought the home in 2008 for $282,200. Today, the tree has become more bothersome than beautiful.

The tree he wanted to remove is 20 feet from a second oak tree and 10 feet away from a storm drain, Bansemer said. He said roots from the tree are beginning to show above ground.

ARC member Daniel Warren pointed to an arborist’s report indicating that the tree is healthy.

A Village of Hadley resident sought permission to remove this tree from his yard.

“There are a couple of surface roots showing, but these are small enough that they could be removed. There is another Live Oak in the neighbor’s yard, about 24 feet away. There is also a storm drain about 10 feet away. This shouldn’t be a problem unless there is a crack in the pipe for the roots to get in. The tree is about 21 feet to the stairs for the back patio. The tree looks healthy to me, otherwise,” certified arborist David Van Vleet Jr. wrote in his report.

Warren made a motion to deny Bansemer’s request and his motion was seconded by Walt Lazinski. All members of the ARC voted to deny the request for the tree removal, with the exception of the lone dissenter, Diane Reichert.

Earlier this year, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a measure that would prevent units of local government from stopping homeowners from removing a tree from their property, so long as the property owner obtains an arborist’s report indicating the removal of the tree would be beneficial. Since it was signed into law, there have been lingering questions about how this measure would play out in The Villages.

Some officials in The Villages have worried out loud that the new law could produce a crop of unscrupulous arborists who would sign off on whatever a homeowner is looking to achieve.