Deed Compliance and Architectural Review are invaluable resources

Dennis Petrucelli

There have been a plethora of articles, followed by multiple comments pertaining to Deed Compliance and Architectural Review.  In corporations the saying goes “it is easy to manage from beneath.” Essentially, it is short-sighted to suggest that members of Deed Compliance and Architectural Review Committee have no regard for homeowners.  It is because they have regard for homeowners and this community that they devote their time and energy enduring unfair and unwarranted criticisms.
The practice of utilizing anonymous complaints from residents is an invaluable resource and becomes increasingly essential as the community expands.  The allegation of ‘troll” to describe anonymous residents is also unfair as it makes an unfair assumption as to motive.  Too many these are responsible citizens who take pride in their community, desiring to maintain its pristine state.  Because of its rapid expansion, it would behoove The Villages to utilize Community Watch, another valuable resource, to participate in this reporting process
But let’s assume that a resident has less than civic motives.  What difference does it really make?  A resident can lodge a complaint but they are not in the decision making process.  And in this decision making process all alleged violations are provided the exact same scrutiny applying the violation against Deed Compliance rules or Architectural Review as the case may be, that results in an individual decision based on any number of variables.
Every homeowner was made aware of Deed Compliance and Architectural Review and agreed to abide by its rules  As the axiom goes “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Deed Compliance and Architectural Review are an invaluable resources to maintain the pristine state of this community.  Those of us who have lived in communities that had little if any rules learned the devastating ill-effects and the subsequent loss of market value on our homes.

Dennis Petrucelli is a Village of Bonnybrook resident.