Hippodrome has outdone itself with ‘Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night’

Don Simson

What can you say about a play so well done, but, “WOW.”

“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night” is currently playing at The Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville.

The setting is in England not far from London. 

Christopher (Kyle Brumley) is a young genius with a form of autism and kept in a very sheltered but caring life by his father. Christopher discovers a tragic event of his neighbor’s dog being killed. Christopher’s mother had left home having trouble coping with her son’s situation. A real study of this affliction, which comes in different forms, is well portrayed and to quote the author: “An informed approach to the topic while committing to the creation of a piece of art which speaks to the humanity within each of us.”

The cast of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.”

The stark scenery and technical use of computerized lighting enhances the drama being portrayed. Cast and ensemble are well portrayed as both individuals and anonymous persons.

What others don’t see, Christopher, as he states, “sees everything.”

The Hipp has outdone itself with “The Curious Incident,” as the director did extensive research to best exemplify how families, friends, community and strangers react to “someone different.”

Tickets are available by contacting the box office (352) 375-4477 or online at www.thehipp.org as the play runs through Sept. 22. It’s a don’t miss!

Villager Don Simson reviews local theater for Villages-News.com.