The hysteria over ‘Sharpiegate’

John Shewchuk

What everyone is missing is the context of Trump’s statement … “was originally projected.”
The map and his statement were correct.
But beyond that, things are great as ever.
Tuesday night’s GOP wins in the North Carolina special elections clearly show that “Sharpiegate” is not an existential threat. With all the fuss about who’s advising who, I’m amazed that those who were advising Obama weren’t questioned when he said, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow.”
History clearly shows that we are currently in an Interglacial Warming Period, and along with that are the naturally occurring rising seas. More importantly, some past Interglacial Warming Periods caused temperatures to increase more than they are today, and the seas accordingly rose 15 to 20 or more feet than current sea levels.
So how did Obama’s advisors know this would slow down and our current Interglacial Warming Period was reaching its expiration date? This to me is a great mystery. I have never seen any climate models capable of accurately predicting Ice Age cycles, and yet somehow the past administration thought this would happen.
However, I’m actually beginning to believe this, since according to NOAA, global temperatures fell during the last two years — even though CO2 concentrations continue to skyrocket. Amazing.
I hope those Obama advisors are still around and are available to advise Trump.
But back to “Sharpiegate.” All this banter about Sharpie pens has actually further strengthened our economy, because Sharpie pen sales are up following these news stories. Who knew.

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