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Monday, November 21, 2022

Summerfield man behind bars after purse stolen from Belleview pool hall

Antonio Morales

A Summerfield man was nabbed Wednesday after a woman claimed he stole her purse from a Belleview pool hall last week.

The woman told a Belleview Police sergeant that she was at Opus Bar and Billiards, located at 6666 SE 110th St. in Belleview, on Sept. 3 when her purse and its contents valued at $2,055 were taken. She said she had shown a photo of 25-year-old Antonio Morales to several people and they had identified him as the man who took her purse, a police report says.

The sergeant went to Morales’ residence in the 13300 block of SE 36th Avenue in Summerfield and his mother positively identified him from a photo taken at the door of the bar. Morales was then located and taken into custody, the report says.

Morales originally told the sergeant that he wanted to speak with an attorney, but on the way to the Marion County Jail he denied the theft and then later said he took the purse because a friend told him to and it was supposed to contain “weed and pills,” the report says.

Morales also told the sergeant the only item he kept from the purse was a knife, which was taken when he was arrested. He said he “had no idea” where the purse or its contents ended up, claiming he gave everything to someone who wasn’t identified in the report.
Morales was booked into the Marion County Jail shortly before 10 p.m. and charged with grand theft. He is being held on $2,000 bond and is due in court Oct. 15 at 9 a.m.

Morales is no stranger to the Marion County legal system. He’s been held in the jail four times since May 2013 on charges dealing with petit theft and driving without a valid license, records show.

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