I did not lie

John Shewchuk

First of all, I want to thank my fabulous fan club for their great support and comments. From time to time I fully realize that some may not agree with some of my opinions, however, I did not lie as “Bastet” claimed. 

The lying quote at issue follows … “A simple Google search reveals that you’re lying. Why make a public fool of yourself by claiming ‘according to NOAA, global temperatures fell during the last two years?’”

According to NOAA data, global temperatures did fall during the past two years.  This was clearly presented in one of my prior posts …  https://www.villages-news.com/2019/06/11/can-you-feel-the-chill/

In particular, again look at the bar chart contained in my post.  Take a good look.  Not at the bar trend — which is misleading — but look at the dates below the bars … 


This bar chart was obtained from ClimateCentral.Com one of the most trusted and viewed “liberal oriented” climate websites.  Look at the data source listed at the bottom of the chart … NASA, NOAA, etc.  I even visited the official NOAA website and confirmed the accuracy of the bar chart data.

By the way, the official NOAA site more appropriately presents the data bars in chronological order.  ClimateCentral.com purposely reorganized the chart bars for another reason, but it also misleads the casual reader.

So, I did not lie.  Furthermore, the accuser went on and on about 2019 high temperatures, etc.  No big deal.  Wait until all the 2019 data is in before jumping to conclusions about annual results.  And guess what, I wouldn’t be surprised if we did hit a record high for 2019.  Why?  Because we are still in an Interglacial Warming Period — and it’s supposed to get warmer and warmer until the next Ice Age starts — and we’re far from hitting annual high temperatures reached during past Interglacial Warming Periods. 

There is no reason for all this climate hysteria.  Temperatures and ocean levels rose and fell many times in the past.  Temperatures were hotter and oceans were much higher than today.  It is all well documented.  This is all normal.  So sit back and enjoy global warming, because the alternative is very chilling.  But more importantly, why did we cool the past two years, even though CO2 levels increased?

Villager John Shewchuk is a frequent contributor to Villages-News.com.