Riding free on our dime

Dennis Petrucelli

We have, I am afraid, too many community leaders here with no intestinal fortitude or political will to do the right thing. How much of this is because the Morse Family holds power and control is anyone’s guess.

However, if we had more supervisors like Jerry Vicenti things would change quickly. I would suggest to my friends and neighbors when it comes to the amenity fee issue don’t get side tracked (trapped) by having those opposed divert the attention to the amount of user fees to charge, or something to that effect. 

They do this to pull your attention away from the main mission which is a big push by residents to demand user fees apply to all RENTERS and GUESTS. Once our community leaders acquiesce we can then submit input as to the process and the appropriate amount.

What is well known is that people are gaming the system and they are riding free on our dime. Those speaking out the loudest  against applying user fees are probably the very offenders.

Who could be against charging user fees from renters and guests for using recreational amenities we paid for and pay to maintain?  Why is charging a user fee to a renter or guest to play our executive courses any different than the Morse family charging the same people (renters and guests), and additionally residents a fee to play the championship course? Actually that is a rhetorical question.

Dennis Petrucelli of the Village of Bonnybrook is a frequent contributor to Villages-News.com.