$19.3 million roadway expansion benefits Developer, not residents

To the Editor:

Is there a better example of spending tax dollars to financially support the Developer’s expansion south of 44? Without this expansion this would be a road to nowhere or to a cow pasture. The would be absolutely no other reason to spend $19.3 million.
This project will cost each person living in the county $155 or each household $300. Let’s try a little experiment, put donation sites around the county and ask for voluntary funds to build this extension.
Does anyone for a second think this would get built? So ask yourself a question, just who do these commissioners represent?
Section 125.01 of the Florida codes allows the commissioners to place questions on the ballot in a general, primary or specially called election so as to obtain the elector sentiment on matters of substantial concern in the county. Come on Commissioners , you poked this hornets’ nest. Let’s find out how many voters support Developer expansion below 44 and further the expenditure of $19.3 million to do it.
Bet you don’t have the courage to do it, then we would determine conclusively who exactly you represent.

Jack Gaenzle
Village of St. James