Why are we subsidizing guests who enjoy all our activities and facilities?

To the Editor:

First, where can you go, public or private, just to use a swimming pool,  where you do not pay a fee? A total of 279,753 guests last year? Would it cost a reasonable amount of $1 per guest? Cost of forms to fill out to register your guest, computer to put information in, printer, printer cartridge, employees to put in information and print, etc. Etc! Some people have no guests per year, others very few, others a lot!! 279,753 times $1 equals $279,753 per year coming out of our amenities fees!
Why are we subsidizing guests who enjoy all the activities and facilities that we are paying for? I will have no problem paying for my guests or my guests having no problem paying on heir own. Where can anyone of us go and enjoy the facilities we offer where they or we don’t pay a fee? Example: my friends who live in a retirement community have guests pay $2 a day just to use the pool!
I stayed at a lake resort with just a pool and two tennis courts. The fee was $8 a day per person! I am sure many people have had the same experience!
I could tell you more about costs and cost savings and how to keep our amenities fee down since I worked for the District for 10 years! I believe in everyone paying their own way! I would be happy to talk to someone in authority to discuss my many ways to cut costs in The Villages. If fact, I had been paid when I gave a cost cutting project to The Villages, but it was never implemented! Just a check and a thank you for your input!

Terrance Wilson
Village of El Santiago