Villages TooJay’s waitress jailed for lying about missing woman

Kelly Christine Montgomery

A waitress at TooJay’s Deli at Spanish Springs Town Square was arrested Sunday after she allegedly lied about the whereabouts of a missing and endangered woman.

Kelli Christine Montgomery, 30, of 3805 Picciola Road in Leesburg, was charged with resisting an officer without violence. According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Montgomery called a deputy at around 2:15 p.m. and said she was in her vehicle with the missing woman. She said didn’t want to be in any trouble, but the deputy told her she was already going to be charged with obstruction.

Montgomery agreed to bring the missing woman to another home on Picciola Road in Leesburg, where EMS services were called to assess the woman due to her consumption of Hydrocodone. The woman said she took five Hydrocodone pills instead of seven, and she was taken to Leesburg Regional Medical Center under the Baker Act, the report said.

Montgomery admitted originally lying to the deputy and said she picked up the woman and dropped off her children at a church, and then dropped her off at a gas station in Sumter County. While she was being taken to the Lake County Jail, Montgomery changed her story again, saying she took the woman to her friend’s house and not the gas station, according to the report.

The deputy noted in the report that an extensive number of man hours were exhausted during the case that could have been avoided if Montgomery had told the truth about the woman’s whereabouts and not obstructed law enforcement. Lake County EMS and Lake County Fire Rescue also used valuable resources during the search, the report said.

Montgomery was released Sunday evening on $1,000 bond. She’ll answer to the charge in Lake County Court on Oct. 8.