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Actor Stephen Baldwin cites ‘arrogance’ in older brother’s impersonations of Trump

Actor Stepen Baldwin

Actor Stephen Baldwin isn’t shy about showing his immense support for President Trump – despite the fact that this older brother, Alec, famously parodies the president on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Life with me regarding Trump is getting easier and life with him is getting harder,” the youngest Baldwin brother said Thursday night with a smile, shortly after speaking to a packed-house crowd at the second annual Trump Day Dinner put on by Villagers for Trump at the Eisenhower Recreation Center. “I say that because more and more, people are waking up to what the heck is going on. The Democrat liberal movement, they’re drowning in their own BS.”

Actor Stephen Baldwin called his brother Alec, who oftentimes portrays President Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ arrogant for thinking he could affect the outcome of an election. Stephen Baldwin spoke to members of Villagers for Trump on Thursday night at Eisenhower Recreation Center during the Second Annual Trump Day Dinner.

Baldwin, 53, who also attended the president’s visit to the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center on Thursday afternoon, said he actually “feels bad” for his 61-year-old brother.

“The truth is, guys like my brother and any of these Hollywood folks that really think they can legally affect the outcome of an election, that’s just arrogance,” he said. “I’ve said this before, guys like (George) Clooney, guys like my brother, they think that they’re smarter than the coal miner. Therefore, the coal miner’s not smart enough to make his own political decision. That’s not what this country is about.”

Along those same lines, Baldwin called the progressive liberal movement and its favoritism of socialism “freaky.” He said information is coming out every day to show how “deceitful” that group is, including questionable business transactions regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Actor Stephen Baldwin enjoyed several rounds of applause while addressing members of Villagers for Trump on Thursday night at the group’s Second Annual Trump Day Dinner.

“I’m not afraid to say it,” Baldwin said. “They don’t play fair. But more important than those folks getting in trouble is for Americans to understand that’s who these people are. And if we’re not careful, those kinds of lies and deception can really change the course in America. And before you know it, you’ve lost the country.”

Part of that, Baldwin said, is the impeachment effort against Trump being pushed by Democrats in Congress.

“Because their best candidate is Elizabeth Warren, I guess they just don’t have anything else to do other than to try to bring this president down,” he said. “But it sure seems to me that it ain’t working and Americans are waking up.”

During Baldwin’s speech that received many rousing rounds of applause, he revealed a new charity initiative called Ready Vets Go (click HERE to see the group’s Facebook page) to benefit active-duty military members who are returning from deployments. He said it’s a small, grassroots effort to “honor our heroes and bless them with whatever they need.”

Stephen Baldwin appeared onstage Thursday night with 95-year-old veteran Irving Locker during the Second Annual Trump Day Dinner at Eisenhower Recreation Center. Locker, who lives in the Village of El Santiago, served in World War II and was in the D-Day invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. He also was singled out by President Trump during his State of the Union address in February.

Baldwin said one of the main goals of Ready Vets Go is to create Humble Houses, where veterans coming back from deployments can go for a few days and relax by doing things like fishing or hiking.

“It’s what we call a ‘vet reset,’” he said. “We would offer them a place to go and kick it for a couple of days before dealing with their families, dealing with their normal jobs, whatever it is.”

Baldwin was making his first visit to The Villages and he said the people he met in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown were quite impressive.

More than 265 Villagers for Trump members and area residents attended the Second Annual Trump Day Dinner on Thursday night at the Eisenhower Recreation Center.

“It’s a great town,” said Baldwin, who in 2006 released a book about his life titled “The Usual Suspect” and his decision to become a born-again Christian after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. “I’ve been having fun meeting folks that are really excited about this campaign. This 2020 campaign is going to be something that really inspires at lot of Floridians.”

Baldwin, who appeared in “The Celebrity Apprentice,” “The Young Riders,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Bio-Dome” and “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas,” said he wasn’t surprised Trump made an appearance in The Villages, especially given the support he has received from Villagers for Trump, which has more than 2,100 members and clearly has become the choice among area Republicans hoping to get involved in GOP politics.

“Trump remembers the people who support him,” Baldwin said. “He’s that kind of guy.”

Actor Stephen Baldwin received special Villagers for Trump merchandise after speaking at the Second Annual Trump Day Dinner on Thursday night.

Sid Bowdidge, who serves as executive director of Villagers for Trump, called Thursday a “day to remember” for the organization’s members. He said many were fortunate enough to see Trump sign the executive order to strengthen Medicare. And then 265-plus capped off the night with the Second Annual Trump Day Dinner, he said.

“Stephen Baldwin inspired the crowd with great stories of his experiences on ‘The Apprentice’ and ties to the president and his family,” said Bowdidge, who in 2016 served on Trump’s special campaign strike team that traveled across the country prior to the election. “The president’s leadership and love for his country shines through, and that’s why we love him so much.”

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