Frustrated residents appeal to CDD 10 supervisors about deed restriction enforcement

Frustrated residents appealed Thursday afternoon to Community Development District 10 supervisors about deed restriction enforcement here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Ronald Honse of the Village of Osceola Hills said that “one or two people” are making more than 100 people “unhappy.”

He said those reporting deed restriction violations should be required to give their names and should not be able to hide under the cloak of anonymity.

“We don’t even know if these are Village residents,” Honse said.

CDD 10 Chairman Don Wiley said the anonymous complaint process protects against possible retaliation against the reporting party. The chairman added that the board has “been down this road a number of times.”

“Long ago the districts made a decision not to be the ‘yard police.’ The fact that the system is anonymous is critical. If we would require the name it would be part of the public record,” Wiley said.

David Odermatt of the Village of Osecola Hills claimed there were 90 complaints received one day this month in his village and more than 100 complaints in the Village of La Belle. Odermatt admitted he was one of the homeowners turned in for a deed restriction violation.

“It was the whole neighborhood,” Odermatt said.

Those who turn in such batches of complaints are commonly referred to as trolls. The popular image of trolls is two women in a golf cart armed with a clipboard, searching for violations.

“This is unfortunately a Villages-wide problem,” Wiley said.