91-year-old Villager could face fine for unkempt property in foreclosure

A 91-year-old Villager could face a fine for her unkempt property which is in foreclosure.

The property at 725 Tangerine Drive on the Historic Side of The Villages was the subject of a public hearing Wednesday afternoon before the Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors.

A complaint was received Sept. 12 about overgrown grass at the manufactured home that dates back to 1988. The owner, Gloria Cassar, is said to be in a nursing home.

725 Tangerine Drive

The property is in in foreclosure with Financial Freedom, according to the Community Standards Department. The property taxes have been paid through 2018.

In addition to overgrown grass, many of the windows at the home have been left open. There are several items stacked in the carport.

The VCCDD Board voted unanimously to find Cassar in violation of deed compliance.

If the property is not brought into compliance within three days, a $250 fine will be imposed.