Home in The Villages in foreclosure subject of public hearing

A home in The Villages which is in foreclosure was the subject of a public hearing Friday morning before the Community Development District 2 Board of Supervisors.

The property is located at 2018 Palo Alto Ave. in the Village of Palo Alto and was found to be in violation of the “neat and clean” rule due to overgrown grass, weeds and vines.

2018 Palo Alto Ave.

A complaint about the property was received Aug. 14 by Community Standards.

The property has been owned since 2005 by Neal and Judith Van Haverbeke.

Judith Van Haverbeke, a native of Detroit, Mich., died in 2017. She and her husband, who is now 83, had four children.

The property is in foreclosure and Community Standards has been in touch with Novad Management Consulting, which is the property preservation department for the Federal Housing Administration. Novad indicated it could not provide an update on the status of the property due to “litigation purposes.”

The board agreed to find the property in violation of deed compliance. The owner was given three days to bring the property into compliance. If not, a $250 fine will be imposed. Additional $250 fines will be imposed each time the District is forced to maintain the property.