Holiday hilarity hits the Hippodrome in Gainesville  

Don Simson

The four equity actors, three playing a plethora of characters and an accompanist/MC, cover the entire Dickens Christmas Carol in a most unusual, cabaret musical farce ever seen on stage. With an over abundance of great music, dancing, jokes and puns, the audience is kept laughing from start to finish in “Scrooge in Rouge” at the Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville. 

“Scrooge in Rouge” runs through Dec. 22 at the Hippodrome in Gainesville

Done in an old English-style pub production, the acting is amazing and quick costume changes are phenomenal to not miss a beat in dialogue, joke or pun. Most outstanding is the set to accommodate the different scenes from an office to apartment, to bedroom and the innovative appearance of the three ghosts. Rapid pace of the dialogue and movement will almost exhaust the audience just watching. (Also best not to sit in the front row as you may be drafted onto the stage to be part of the action.)

“Scrooge in Rouge” will be a little risqué with some of the puns, but most is left to the imagination or “you” fill in your own line or word.

“Scrooge in Rouge” can only kick off the season on a high note and will run through Dec. 22. Tickets can be purchased on line at or call the box office at (352) 375-4477. As a bonus, there is a coupon on the ticket for Harry’s restaurant just two blocks away.

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