Boyfriend arrested at work after alleged attack on his girlfriend over money

Vaughn Vaandering

A man was arrested at work after an alleged attack on his girlfriend over money.

Vaughn Vaandering, 24, was arrested on a charge of battery by strangulation at 11:58 a.m. Thursday at AutoZone at 213 W. Hermosa St. in Lady Lake, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department.

Earlier that day his girlfriend, with whom he has a three-year-old son, went to the Lady Lake Police Department to report that Vaandering on the previous evening had pushed her onto a bed and squeezed her throat during an argument over money. During the attack at their home at the Cove Apartments on U.S. Hwy. 27/441, the woman said she was “seeing stars” and “could not breath for a split second.” The girlfriend later heard Vaandering, who stands more than 6 feet tall and weighs 290 pounds, on the phone with his mother telling her, “I had my hands literally around her throat, but couldn’t do it.”

The Oregon native was taken into custody and booked at the Lake County Jail. He was released after posting $2,000 bond.