Villager scores second hole-in-one and racks up amazing coincidence

A Villager scored a hole-in-one and in so doing racked up an amazing coincidence.

Lynn Savron of the Village of Rio Ponderosa was golfing Friday – Dec. 20 – and scored the lucky ace at the Sarasota Executive Golf Course.

Lynn Savron got her second-ever hole-in-one Friday at Sarasota Executive Golf Course.

It wasn’t until she got home and looked at the certificate from her first hole-in-one that she realized the amazing coincidence.

A previous hole-in-one occurred on Dec. 20, 2013 – also a Friday. She got that one at the El Diablo Executive Golf Course.

“So I had two holes-in-one on December 20th, six years apart!” she said.

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