Sumter commissioners mismanaging taxpayer money

To the Editor:

With a 25 plus percent raise in the property tax millage rate all in one year not being spread out over multiple years in a five-year capital budget proves that all five Sumter County commissioners did not forecast or plan for the surge of growth requested by the Developer who we all now can clearly see runs Sumter Counter and it’s five commissioners!
Property Taxes 101 – Fact – the Florida Constitution grants local governments the power to regulate impact fees.
The average Florida Impact Fees for a single family detached unit is $9,832. But in Sumter County it is a mere $902, a difference of around $9,000 per home!
The Developer’s stated goal is to build another 50,000 homes times this $9,000 dollar below average impact fee equals a whopping profit of $450,000,000 – half a BILLION. Not too shabby!
The 25 percent increase was necessary because unlike the past where the Developer paid for Buena Vista and Morse roads we are now paying for a $117 million in new roads to accommodate new housing growth!
Fact – After three, three-plus hour meetings and countless residents speaking against the tax increase, despite this overwhelming opposition, all five commissioners voted against the residents and voted with the Developer for the increase!
Taxation without representation!
Plus a 9.3 percent annual salary increase for themselves and retirement bennies to literally die for?!
We the people must boot the self-serving bums!

Daniel Myslakowski
Village of Lake Deaton