Official objects to Developer of The Villages putting up non-conforming signs

Signs pointing to the Bungalows were put up by the Developer and have become dirty.

An official is objecting to the Developer of The Villages putting up non-conforming signs along the golf cart paths.

Community Development District 10 Chairman Don Wiley raised his objection at a meeting Monday morning of the Project Wide Advisory Committee.

Signage went up last year on the multi-modal paths as a way of helping those traveling in golf carts find their way around The Villages.

The signs cost a total of $71,328. PWAC joined in the project with community development districts north of County Road 466 and hired Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc. as a consultant. The lettering and reflectivity of the signage were specifically chosen to enhance visibility.

However, signs started popping up pointing golf cart traffic to the sales center at Brownwood and to the Alden and Atwood Bungalows, where visitors on the Properties of The Villages’ preview plan are often housed.

Wiley said the signs are on property owned by the residents of CDDs 9 and 10.

A small sign pointing to the sales center has been placed next to a sign paid for by residents.

“They are not reflective. They don’t meet our standards. We need to maintain our standards throughout the community,” Wiley said. “If a resident was to put up a sign, Community Watch would take it down.”

He said that in addition to not meeting the standards, the signs are quickly deteriorating.

“They are actually becoming quite ugly,” Wiley said.

PWAC Chairman Peter Moeller agreed with Wiley’s assessment of the situation.

“This ought to be under government’s control. If additional signs are going to go up, it at least ought to go to the individual district, if not here,” Moeller said.

District Manager Richard Baier said the issue has been raised with the Developer.

“They want to work with us,” he said.