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Bicycles and golf carts

To the Editor:

Not all bicyclists are arrogant and aggressive, and not all golf cart drivers are mindless boobs.  Putting stereotypical labels on any group is dangerous. I ride a bike for exercise, I drive a golf cart to run errands, and I drive a car. Living in The Villages affords the opportunity to enjoy all three.
As a cyclist, I have been run off the road  by golf carts. Not every time and not by all golf cart drivers. I ride for exercise on streets in residential areas. My worst example is signaling for an upcoming right turn, when an approaching golf cart turned left right in front of me.  When I’m in a golf cart, I am exceptionally careful. My experience is some, not all, automobile drivers tend to ignore golf carts.
We all share the roadways and multi-modal paths. Whatever you are driving, that task is a full time responsibility. Don’t text, talk on the phone, fiddle with the radio, talk with your passengers.  Be aware of other vehicles sharing the same space or meeting at an intersection. Rules of the road apply equally to all. So does the responsibility.

John Peters
Village of Santiago

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