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Woman claiming to have Coronavirus arrested after coughing in paramedic’s face

La-Donald Holmes

A woman claiming to have the Coronavirus was arrested after coughing in a paramedic’s face.

La-Donald Holmes, 38, had been laying in bed with her boyfriend early Wednesday morning at a home on Berchfield Road in Lady Lake, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Holmes, who lives in Clearwater, wanted to have sex with the man, but he did not want to have sex with her because she was planning to get back together with her ex-husband, the report said.

Holmes became “very agitated” and “roundhouse kicked” her boyfriend in the nose. She followed it up with a punch, breaking his nose.

The report noted that Holmes is a black belt in martial arts.

The boyfriend fled and called 911.

When deputies arrived on the scene, Holmes was still laying in bed. When they attempted to arrest her, she repeatedly fell to the ground.

The deputies were concerned she may have been suffering a medical episode and summoned Lake EMS to the scene. While the paramedics attempted to secure Holmes to a stretcher, she coughed in a paramedic’s face and shouted, “I have the Coronavirus.”

The deputy noted that “copious amounts of saliva” landed on the paramedic’s face.

Holmes was arrested on charges of felony battery and battery on a paramedic. She was transported to Leesburg Regional Medical Center for evaluation. After she was medically cleared, she was booked at the Lake County Jail. She was released after posting $7,000 bond.

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