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Monday, June 14, 2021

Morses could help refute the distorted picture of The Villages

To the Editor:

We are in agreement with the Wilsons who wrote that the Morses should break silence about the ‘white power’ incident that took place here on June 14. The adverse publicity is disturbing, more so because it is really undeserved. One or two people screaming “white power” no more reflects the culture of The Villages than do the recent burning and looting reflect the culture of Minneapolis or New York.
It is certainly true that the Villages lacks racial diversity, compared to any of the big cities. But that is by choice – the choice of who chooses to move here. And the Wilsons are correct in that the Morses should establish that “the culture of The Villages is all inclusive.”
But there’s more that needs emphasis, something else the Morses could point out about The Villages: the marked diversity of opinions and culture, and yes, of politics as well. There are any number of clubs where a diversity of ideas is routinely shared, discussed and debated – the Civil Discourse Club, the Humanists Club, the Philosophy Club, the Free Thinkers Club, to name just a few.
It is indeed sad that a few “shout outs” by a couple of people should bring on such adverse publicity. We are a community of 130,000 people, mostly retirees, and the nation should not think of us solely on the basis of one awful video clip.
By speaking up, the Morses could help refute the distorted picture of The Villages drawn by the media.

Larry and Ruth Martin, Village of Hillsborough
Stan and Barbara Faigin, Village of Fernandina

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