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Uncovered load of tree limbs leads to arrest of suspect with meth

James Roy McPeters

An uncovered load of tree limbs led to the arrest of a suspect with methamphetamine.

James Roy McPeters, 31, had been driving a vehicle shortly before 11 p.m. Friday on Grays Airport Road when a Lake County sheriff’s deputies noticed there were tree limbs hanging out of the back tailgate, covering the vehicle’s rear lights.

During a traffic stop, McPeters said he did not have his driver’s license or insurance card with him and was “immediately angry and swearing,” according to an arrest report.

He was cited for having an uncovered load and a search of a speaker box turned up methamphetamine and a smoking pipe. An officer from the Fruitland Park Police Department arrived on the scene and said that McPeters had been arrested two days earlier on charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. He had been free on $3,000 bond.

McPeters was taken into custody and booked at the Lake County Jail without bond. His wife took possession of the vehicle.

McPeters has a long history of arrests, including a case in 2016 in which he was caught on surveillance at the Village of Hillsborough Gate in The Villages. He was charged with stealing a trailer from a construction site.

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