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Hugo Buchanan

Whenever I notice a poverty-stricken area being demolished, lingering thoughts of the scene harbor minimal longevity, as assumptions of progress in lifestyles automatically enter the equation of that particular thought. 

However, observance of demolishment of any structure that has been granted the prestige from legal lot title, to building permits, to project completion, has given rise to split-second thoughts of costs involved in the entire process.

Watching a TV news segment of a large building being demolished by placement of bombs placed in strategic locations, is a scene that hurriedly is acted upon.  There is one city in this country that really “blows your mind” as to the many structures that never made their mark. 

Several years ago, my wife and I visited Las Vegas, not to gamble, but to join two bus loads of other folks, in a tour to visit The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and other famous land marks, and Las Vegas was the starting point for each trip. We still had days in between trips, to spend time in Las Vegas.  Not being gamblers ourselves, we spent our  time walking the streets, shopping and dining.  When walking the streets, one observes much more of your surroundings, than you do when driving/riding in an auto.  There were hotels there with rooms never occupied by  visitors, as the hotels were never completed.  And in astonishment, more new structures were being built, to hopefully make their mark in the roulette wheel of fortune city.  I can imagine that income tax deductions would be the main “source” of any financial relief.

Hugo Buchanan is a resident of Lady Lake.

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